MTN Yellow Replacement Lens with 5x Anti-fog


Lens Specs:
Best for night and low-light conditions
Optically correct spherical lens
Moisture-lock sealed
5x Military grade anti-fog
100% UV protection
Visible Light Transmission of 72%


Grayne MTN Yellow Replacement Lens :

Finding yourself shredding the slopes at night? You need a lens that will brighten snow and bring out definition. The yellow replacement lens for the MTN will do just that! A spherical dual lens designed with 5x military grade anti-fog and sealed with Grayne's moisture-lock technology, this lens will keep your vision crystal clear in any conditions. The yellow MTN lens also comes with UV treatment and is covered with an ultra-hardened anti-scratch layer of protection. This is an absolute must have lens for low light conditions!

MTN Yellow Lens Change