Grayne Complete Ski and Snowboard Tuning Kit


Grayne Complete Ski and Snowboard Tuning Kit: The ultimate tuning kit for all your snowboards and skis. Starting with a complete waxing setup, you get 20 grams of lightning fast all temp wax, large ultra-durable scraper, and a brass and nylon bristled brush, you can easily wax your board at home or on the go! Need some extra grip on icy or hardpack days? Make your edges razor sharp with the Dual Degree Edge Tool which gives you an 88 or 90 degree edge in seconds, simply pick your degree and slide down your edges! Got a screw or binding part coming loose? The 6 piece ratcheting screwdriver can tighten or take out any and every screw on your binding, featuring 5 different bits and 8 and 10mm wrench! Add in two P-Tex candles for filling gouges and core shots, a deburring and polishing stone for removing rust and burrs from your edge as well as quick detunes, and a nylon base pad and you have a full tuning shop at your disposal. And the best part, this kits slim ballistic nylon case will easily fit right in your snowboard bag creating a fully stocked personal work shop wherever you go!

*Each kit comes with one of each type of tool pictured.

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Tuning Kit Includes

One Ratcheting Six Piece Screwdriver
This ultra durable screwdriver comes with both ratcheting and solid state options for quick removal and tightening of any bolt on your bindings. The t-shaped handle provides maximum leverage for really cranking down on bolts while easily loosening the most stubborn screws you come across. Inside the handle you will find a #2 and #3 Phillips Head bit, #3 posidrive head bit, 1/4″ Flat head bit, 3/32″ hex bit and even an 8mm and 10mm wrench .With all these pieces combined you won't find a nut, bolt, or screw on your bindings you can't change on the fly!

One Dual Degree Edge Sharpener
Never worry about slipping out on hardpack and ice again! This easy to us Grayne Edge Tool will give you razor sharp edges in seconds! An ergonomically shaped handle easily tucks comfortably in to the palm of your hand and makes maintaining control a breeze. With both 88 and 90 degree options clearly labeled you can choose the perfect angle for conditions that day. Simply pick the degree you want and run down the length of your edges for a like new edge in seconds. The file even comes labeled with arrows to show you which direction to file in. Don't worry if you have Magne-Traction, or Quik-Rip edges either, this edging tool has you covered. It doesn't get any easier or faster than that!

One Premium Brass and Nylon Base Brush
The perfect all in one brush for cleaning and waxing your skis or snowboard. A two part brush featuring half nylon bristles and half brass bristles cuts your cleaning and polishing time in half! Simply give your board a good brush down from tip to tail to clean your base before waxing. Then, after waxing and scraping, simply brush from tip to tail again using the brass bristles first to smooth, and then the nylon bristles to polish the base, leaving it looking like new. A classic wooden handle provides easy grip and looks great. Everybody knows the best way to get more speed is a well done wax, and this brush makes that a breeze!

One Polishing and Deburring Stone
The edges of your skis and snowboard are one of the most important part of the board to maintain. After sharpening and riding edges often gather burrs, rust, and all sorts of inconsistencies. This stone will return your edges to new! Simply brush over burrs and rust to remove and polish to factory quality. Find your edges are just a tad to catchy? This stone will help you de-tune your edges on the fly! Just give a quick rub to your contact points and don't worry about catching on boxes and rails again! Easily fits in your pocket for quick adjustments when you're doing laps!

One Lightning Wax
This premium all temp wax will have you sliding faster than ever! Specifically designd to cover the maximum range of snow conditions, you won't be sticking to snow ever again. Works best as a melt on wax but can also be used as a rub-on wax for quick touch up when you need that little extra. It's time you start beating your friends to the bottom of the hill! Wax color may vary.

One Ultra-Durable Wax Scraper

Made from a specialized ultra-durable plastic this scraper will last you for seasons on end! A large 6″ scraping surface provides maximum scraping with minimal effort. Grayne's premium wax scraper also features a notched corner, perfect for pulling excess wax off of your edges, and most importantly, your contact points. Waxing at home just got a whole lot easier!

Two Premium 8″ P-Tex Bars
Nothing's worse than when you put a big gouge or core shot in your brand new skis or snowboard. Shops will charge upwards of $100 to simply fill a core shot. But now you can do it yourself in seconds with these premium P-Tex candles. Featuring both an 8″ black and 8″ clear candle, you can repair even the most dinged base and still have P-Tex to spare. Simply melt an end of the stick over the hole until filled, smooth out and then ride like new! Now you can keep your base in pristine condition no matter how many rocks and trees early and late season riding throws your way!

One Nylon Base Pad
Base material takes the brunt of the force when skiing and snowboarding. This nylon base pad quickly repairs scuffs and improves speed by removing and scraping off micro-hairs that start to form on your base. Whether you've just filled a gouge with P-Tex or simply put in dozens of laps, give the base a quick rub down with this premium pad and your base will ride like new! Great for use before waxing to eliminate all foreign material from the base!